new look

Let’s face it, looking at two girls tonguing each other can be a drag, especially if it’s only on pictures. So, a return to the “old look.”

Kissing Booksale’s feet again for this cheap — Php20! — find:

The book’s about the so-called New Journalism Revolution as pioneered by the likes of Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer and — oh yes! — Hunter S. Thompson. (Blurbs provided by Chuck Klosterman and TC Boyle.) A priority in my reading list, no doubt. Man, I’ve a mountain for a reading backlog, and it just keeps getting higher and higher.

Anyway, back to work now. Back to the same ol’ boring shit – politics, press releases, the fucking Bundy clock. Tomorrow I expect to wake up to the blare of some candidate’s campaign jingle, and that will signal everything that is ugly to me these days.

I wish I’ve a nice vacation story to tell those suntanned assholes who will tell me theirs.

Make no mistake, I enjoyed the three relaxing days with my family. I just wished the three of us were able to go places other than home. Maybe next year.


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