on gifts

Gifts freak me out.

Call me insensitive, but every time I’m given something, I think: a) All right, what’s the catch? And, b) Jesus! Now I’ve to give him/her something.

The idea that maybe the gift-giver just cares about me oftentimes escapes me. Sue my unfeeling ass.

College friend Jayvee Descaya once told me that real friends don’t give each other gifts. You give a person a gift only if you want to win him/her over, she said. Otherwise, you just buy him/her a beer.

Make no mistake, I care about a lot of people. Giving gifts, however, is not one of its manifestations. I once gave a girl a PZ Brite book not because she’s special or I was trying to be cute, but because I wanted her to read PZ Brite so we can sit down and talk about the former Gothic icon.

That has been my motivation in giving people something. I don’t consider what they actually want or think is nice, but what I want them to want. I’m one proud forceful motherfucker, and I offer no apologies.

Of course there are exceptions, but they are few and far in between.


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  1. charmk
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 19:56:31

    It really freaks me out when a person that I hardly know gives me an expensive gift… Yung lalagpas ng P200. Creepy shit…

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