3 years

Contrary to my observation in high school, girls who like rock music are dime-a-dozen. All of them seem to dig Pearl Jam and the Gin Blossoms,  and some can even tolerate Metallica or Korn. But very few can stretch their boundaries to the dark and sinister dirges of Opeth and Moonspell.

I happen to marry one of them, in the fine cold morning of December 16, 2006, and it’s been a helluva soundtrip ever since. Good music, after all, is best appreciated with another pair of ears beside you.

To Charmaine, here’s to more nights of drinking Rhum-Coke while listening to Alice in Chains and discussing Bradbury.  Thanks for the most wonderful gift you gave me last June 27. May she grow up liking Sentenced.\m/


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