More than 24 hours have gone by but my eardrums and throat (tonsillitis, strained vocal chords) have yet to recuperate from the audio onslaught that was Archenemy, which ripped through the WTC last October 20 with the sonic intensity of Ondoy and Pepeng combined.

A memorable night, indeed: Friends and Jim Beam shots and the general craziness that is heavy metal. I live and die for moments like this. I may have made a lot of bad decisions in my 30 years, but at least I picked the right form of music. And that for me is what fucking matters.

You have to be a fan to be able to find sense in that.

Anyway, I’m glad somebody posted this video on YouTube. I know encores are highlights, but I never thought they can be this beautiful. Photos to follow. If I’ve the time, that is. I’ve razorblades in my throat and a busy weekend ahead.


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